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Chapter 2: DB2 UDB architecture from SAP's point of view - Pg. 11

2 Chapter 2. DB2 UDB architecture from SAP's point of view In this chapter we describe the DB2 UDB architecture and discuss how this architecture is used in SAP systems. First, we introduce the DB2 UDB process model, memory, and storage management architecture. Secondly, we explain in detail the new features available in DB2 UDB Version 8.2.2 that simplify storage management. We also describe the interaction between DB2 UDB and SAP systems and provide information about the use of the data partitioning feature (DPF) of DB2 UDB in SAP environments. At the end of this chapter, you can find a group of tables describing how to map a non-DB2 UDB database term into DB2 UDB. These tables will help you apply your knowledge to understand DB2 UDB architecture. © Copyright IBM Corp. 2005. All rights reserved. 11