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DB2 UDB database manager configuration > DB2 UDB database manager configuration - Pg. 145

While small and medium size system landscapes can be maintained via ST04 efficiently, special considerations should be made, when managing large system landscapes. Here, a scripted approach to setting the DB CFG or DBM CFG is a valid investment. Note: SAP has its own proprietary database logical and physical design. To have optimal database performance, we recommend that you follow the DB2 UDB configuration setting guidelines published in SAP Note 584952. This Note is updated from time to time. We recommend that you check this Note on a regular basis. We elaborate on standard OLTP configurations in SAP systems in the following sections. For special considerations that apply to OLAP systems, such as SAP BW, refer to the SAP Note 584952 OLAP configuration sections. 5.2 DB2 UDB database manager configuration In this section we discuss the configuration of the database instance, also called the database manager. Use the following DB2 UDB command to update the database configuration parameters (you cannot use ST04 to change these parameters):