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Chapter 6: Installation and configuratio... > CommonStore (CSLD) installation and ... - Pg. 155

6.6 CommonStore (CSLD) installation and configuration In the e-mail archiving and records management solution, CommonStore is used to archive e-mail from mail databases to Content Manager repository. It also provides a user interface to declare e-mail as records if manual records declaration and classification is allowed. The steps involved include: 1. Install CommonStore for Lotus Domino. 2. Configure Content Manager: a. Create the appropriate attributes and item type. b. Create the appropriate Content Manager user ID. 3. Configure ArchPro environment: a. Set Content Manager connector environment. b. Create archint.ini. 4. Start ArchPro: a. Submit license. b. Save password for Content Manager user ID. c. Start ArchPro. 5. Prepare Notes/Domino: a. Create Domino user ID. b. Copy template files and sign them. c. Create and configure configuration database and job database. 6. Configure CommonStore Task environment: a. Prepare notes.ini and names.nsf for CSLD Task. b. Set environment for CSLD Task. c. Save password for Domino user ID. 7. Start CSLD Task. 8. Implement Windows Services. Features such as full text search and single instance store are not covered. Refer to the IBM DB2 CommonStore for Lotus Domino: Administrator's and Programmer's Guide Version 8.3, SH12-6742, to set up those features. Note: It is not our intention to include all steps of the installation in this section. We recommend using the existing product manual in conjunction with the materials we present here for a successful installation and configuration. In the sample environment, we install CommonStore in Charger. Chapter 6. Installation and configuration in a Lotus Domino and Windows environment 153