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Archive Log Inventory Data (DB2 RE metadata) > Rebuilding the ALID - Pg. 81

starting log should at least include the time when the most recent full backup was performed so it will be available to the log analysis command when it needs to perform reconstruction for UPDATEs. 4.4.3 Rebuilding the ALID You can rebuild the ALID from scratch only using the db2la command line tool as follows: db2recex db2la -d vps -b <begin timestamp> -e <end timestamp> -Z For Windows system, db2recex is not required. We do not recommend rebuilding the ALID very frequently. Typically, you only want to rebuild the ALID if it becomes inconsistent for some reason. If you run db2la -Z from the command line, always specify a small, recent begin or end time range (the -b and -e parameters). If your goal is just to create the ALID initially, then pick a small begin or end window of only a few minutes, when you know there was not much activity. You do not care about the report output, but you want to limit the report phase processing as much as possible. Important: Begin and end time stamps with log analysis only play a role with