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Chapter 1: Introduction to DB2 Recovery ... > Introduction to DB2 Recovery Expert ... - Pg. 5

1.3 Introduction to DB2 Recovery Expert assets This section introduces the components of DB2 RE that make the new features of DB2 RE V2 possible. Note: This book describes DB2 RE. It does not describe the DB2 recovery process in depth. We assume that you have a basic understanding of DB2 backup and recovery process and strategy. In a good DB2 production environment, you should make regular backups of your database. You should also have database recovery logging enabled so that data activity is captured in the log. We call these backups and logs recovery assets. You use these assets in DB2 restore and roll forward activities. DB2 RE introduces additional recovery assets that can aid in getting your data back to a healthy state. The following sections describe DB2 RE recovery assets. 1.3.1 Versioning Repository The Versioning Repository is a collection of tables that store information that is captured from the DB2 system catalog. This information allows DB2 RE to recreate object and authorization DDL. The Versioning Repository includes DB2