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UNIX In AIX, Solaris and Linux platforms, log in as the instance owner to run this command. In this example we extract the DDL for one table. The command must be on one line or in a script. db2recex GenerateDDL -d tradsimp -u db2insl1 -p xx -o table -n MARCIA.KEYGENEJB -t "2005-10-22 15.00.00" -f VR_keygenejbV2.ddl The output DDL file is placed in the DATA_DIR location. The output DDL file also includes the GRANTs and index create statements for the table. 4.2.9 Versioning Repository usage checklist When you implement the Versioning Repository in your environment, you can use the following checklist to ensure that you have done everything for each database: Verify DB2 configuration settings Verify any modifications to the file Create the initial Versioning Repository in the database Back up the database after initial creating the Versioning Repository