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Chapter 8: Cloning a database, table spa... > Chapter 8: Cloning a database, table... - Pg. 215

8 Chapter 8. Cloning a database, table space, or table This chapter describes how to clone a database and how to clone tables or table spaces from within a database or to another database. It looks at the Object Translation command, which DB2 Recovery Expert uses in the second cloning process for tables and table spaces. It then introduces a new sample tool to simplify the table cloning process when used outside the GUI. This chapter includes the following sections: 8.1, "Cloning a database" on page 216 8.2, "Introducing the Object Translation tool db2ox" on page 228 8.3, "Object translation help text" on page 229 8.4, "Cloning a table space or table using db2ox" on page 232 © Copyright IBM Corp. 2006. All rights reserved. 215