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Chapter 8: Cloning a database, table spa... > Object translation help text - Pg. 229

This is especially true in a multiple partition environment due to the restriction of the -o and -n parameters being applicable only to the database catalog partition. Note: We do not recommend using db2ox for table space recovery manually from the command line. It is more pragmatic to let the GUI handle calling db2ox for this process, as one of the recovery steps. You should only use the db2ox command from the command line to extract table data and to clone table space. 8.2.2 Cloning using the object translation tool A full offline backup image of the source database is required as the starting point for cloning using the object translation tool. When using db2ox, table spaces and tables are usually referred to by their table space identifiers (TIDs ) and their table file identifiers (FIDs). These can be found in the DB2 catalog using the query that is shown in Example 8-3. Example 8-3 Displaying the TIDs and FIDs db2 select tbspace, name, tid, fid from sysibm.systables where name = `DEPARTMENT' TBSPACE NAME TID FID