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Introducing the Object Translation tool ... > Object Translation Tool constraints - Pg. 228

8.2 Introducing the Object Translation tool db2ox You can use the DB2 RE Object Translation tool, db2ox, for the following tasks from the command line: For a full table space recovery from a backup This task clones or recovers a table space to the state of the specified backup. To extract the data for one or more tables from a backup This task extracts table data from the specified backup. The data can be rolled forward to a different point-in-time using the Log Analysis tool db2la from the command line. This cannot be done in native DB2 at the table level. The db2ox command is also called from the GUI as part of the work flow to extract data from backups as part of the recovery process. This section explains the process of extracting table data and the method of translating the table space and table identifiers to match the target when necessary. 8.2.1 Object Translation Tool constraints