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Minilogs > Creating minilogs for all the tables in a table space - Pg. 76

To run this command on UNIX or Linux, you need to prefix the command with db2recex as follows: /opt/IBM/DB2Tools/RecoveryExpert/bin/db2recex db2mm -d sample -o db2inst1 -n department When you run the db2mm command for a table, two files are created: an mlg file and an mlx file. In this example the files are called: DB2ADMIN.DEPARTMENT(16.2).mlg DB2ADMIN.DEPARTMENT(16.2).mlx The pair of numbers in the file names refer to the table space identifier and the table file identifier. When no path is specified for the minilogs, that the -m parameter is omitted, on Windows the files are created relative to the current directory, for example: C:\RE\Minilogs\sysstorage\SAMPLE\NODE0000\IBMDEFAULTGROUP\MINIDEMO where MINIDEMO is the table space name. The -m parameter specifies where the minilogs are written. However, when recovering using the GUI, you must ensure that this path is known to DB2 RE. If there are no updates that minilogs can make, either because there have been