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Planning SAN network storage configurati... > Planning SAN volume configuration - Pg. 251

This operation takes much longer than volume restore and its availability depends on the combination of OS and network storage system, as shown in Figure 9-3. Volume Restore Recovery Expert Object Restore Recovery Expert Fast Backup Fast Backup SAN storage Server System SAN or NAS storage Server System Source Volume Source Volume Database Volume Copy Target Volume Object Copy Restore Database Target Volume Figure 9-3 Volume restore and object restore of Fast Backup 9.2 Planning SAN network storage configuration When you use Fast Backup, you need to discuss with your storage administrator and system administrator to configure and assign SAN network storage with the considerations for DB2 RE Fast Backup environment. 9.2.1 Planning SAN volume configuration The volume level copy operates per unit of logical volume (LUN) in the network storage system. Fast Backup provides a backup and restore capability for a database or a table space in the network storage volumes. This means, in case of AIX and SAN environment, after you create a database on a file system on a LV (logical volume), you cannot create another database on another file system using different LV under the same VG (volume group), as shown in Figure 9-4 on page 252. Chapter 9. Fast Backup 251