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Recovering a database to point-in-time w... > Scenario time line - Pg. 146

6.4.1 Scenario time line Table 6-3 shows the time line of activity against the database for this scenario. Table 6-3 Time line for activity against database Time T1 T2 Action Full offline backup taken. Batch job executed by mistake, which delete operations data from VPS.CAR and VPS.CUSTOMER tables in SMSDAT1 table space and VPS.PART table in DMSDAT1 table space. Alter table DDL is run against table VPS.CAR T3 We want to undo the delete operations that were done by the batch job. Multiple tables have been affected in two table spaces. Therefore, we decide to perform a database level recovery. 6.4.2 Details of activity against the database Example 6-12 shows the row counts before the batch job ran. Example 6-12 Row count before batch job was run.