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Using the DB2 Grouper component > Creating DB2 Grouper sets for DB2-enforced re... - Pg. 351

you should first check to see that the version is marked available in DB2 Grouper. If you forget to make it available, you do not have to re-run the discovery to make it available. Just open DB2 Grouper and make the version available. The DB2 Grouper set that we created in this example is used in a recovery scenario in 6.6, "Point-in-time recovery with referential integrity and DB2 Grouper" on page 166. 10.3.3 Creating DB2 Grouper sets for DB2-enforced referential integrity This section shows a simpler example as that of the previous section where we allow DB2 Grouper to find all the relationships in the database, given very few parameters. This time, we re-run a Group Discovery using the DB2 Grouper sample tables. These tables, and their referential integrity relationships, are documented in IBM DB2 Grouper User's Guide, SC18-7409. We do not show a figure for every step here, only a few. The steps are: 1. Open DB2 Grouper. 2. Create a set. We named ours RedbookSet. 3. Create a version. We named ours ITSO_Version1. 4. Set the Group Discovery Options with three starting point tables, see Figure 10-51 on page 352. Chapter 10. Installing and using the DB2 Grouper component 351