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Abbreviations and acronyms - Pg. 537

Abbreviations and acronyms ac AES AIK AMM API APIC ASU BC BCD BIOS BMC BoMC BS CAS CD CIM CKE CKVM CLI CMOS CNA COD COG COM CPU CRC CRT CRU CTO DAU DB DDF DHCP DIMM DMA DNS DPC DRAM alternating current Advanced Encryption Standard Automated Installation Kit Advanced Management Module application programming interface Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller Advanced Settings Utility BladeCenter Boot Configuration Database basic input output system Baseboard Management Controller Bootable Media Creator Blue Screen column address strobe compact disc Common Information Model Clock Enable Concurrent KVM command-line interface complementary metal oxide semiconductor Converged Network Adapter configure on disk configuration and option guide Component Object Model central processing unit cyclic redundancy check Cathode Ray Tube customer-replaceable units configure-to-order demand acceleration unit database Disk Data Format Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol dual inline memory module direct memory access Domain Name System deferred procedure call dynamic random access memory IM IME IMM IOPS DSA ECC EIA EMS ER ESA ESD ETS EXA FAMM FC FCP FPGA FRU GB GPT GPU GRUB GT GUI HBA HDD HE HPC HPCBP HPET HS HT HTTP I/O IBM ID IEC IEEE Dynamic System Analysis error checking and correcting Electronic Industries Alliance Emergency Messaging Service enterprise rack Electronic Service Agent electrostatic discharge Enhanced Technical Support Enterprise X-Architecture Full Array Memory Mirroring Fibre Channel Fibre Channel Protocol Field Programmable Gate Array field-replaceable unit gigabyte GUID Partition Table Graphics Processing Unit Grand Unified Bootloader Gigatransfers graphical user interface host bus adapter hard disk drive high end high performance computing High Performance Computing Basic Profile High Precision Event Timer hot swap Hyper-Threading Hypertext Transfer Protocol input/output International Business Machines identifier International Electrotechnical Commission Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers instant messaging Integrated Mirroring Enhanced Integrated Management Module I/O operations per second © Copyright IBM Corp. 2011. All rights reserved. 537