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Chapter 5. IBM BladeCenter HX5 > Chassis support - Pg. 182

5.3 Chassis support The HX5 is supported in BladeCenter chassis S, H, and HT, as listed in Table 5-3. Table 5-3 HX5 chassis compatibility (BC is BladeCenter) Description HX5 server HX5+MAX5 server BC-E 8677 No No BC-S 8886 Yes Yes BC-H 8852 Yes a Yes a BC-HT ac 8750 Yes Yes BC-HT dc 8740 No b No b a. One-node and 2-node HX5 configurations with 130W processors are not supported in chassis with standard cooling modules. See Table 5-4. b. Support for the BC-HT dc model can be granted for specific configurations with the SPORE process. The number of HX5 servers supported in each chassis depends on the thermal design power of the processors that are used in the HX5 servers. Table 5-4, which uses the following conventions, shows the HX5 servers: A green square in a cell means the chassis can be filled with HX5 blade servers up to the maximum number of blade bays in the chassis (for example, 14 blades in the BladeCenter H). A yellow square in a cell means that the maximum number of HX5 blades that the chassis can hold is fewer than the total available blade bays (for example, 12 in a BladeCenter H). All other bays must remain empty . The empty bays must be distributed evenly between the two power domains of the chassis (bays 1 - 6 and bays 7 - 14).