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Chapter 4. IBM System x3690 X5 - Pg. 117

4 Chapter 4. IBM System x3690 X5 The x3690 X5 servers are powerful 2-socket rack-mount servers with 4-core, 6-core, and 8-core Intel Xeon EX processors. You can combine certain models of the x3690 X5 servers with the IBM MAX5 memory expansion for up to 1 TB of memory in a powerful 2-socket system. MAX5 is additionally available as an option for all of the other x3690 X5 models. The x3690 X5 server belongs to the family of a new generation of Enterprise X-Architecture servers. The server delivers innovation with enhanced reliability and availability features to enable optimal performance for databases, enterprise applications, and virtualized environments. This chapter contains the following topics: 4.1, "Product features" on page 118 4.2, "Target workloads" on page 123 4.3, "Models" on page 124 4.4, "System architecture" on page 126 4.5, "MAX5" on page 127 4.6, "Scalability" on page 128 4.7, "Processor options" on page 130 4.8, "Memory" on page 131 4.9, "Storage" on page 145 4.10, "PCIe slots" on page 164 4.11, "Standard features" on page 169 4.12, "Power supplies" on page 173 4.13, "Integrated virtualization" on page 174 4.14, "Supported operating systems" on page 175 4.15, "Rack mounting" on page 176 © Copyright IBM Corp. 2011. All rights reserved. 117