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IMS Connect problem determination > NODELAYACK issues - Pg. 205

If a user exit has been disabled or deleted and IMS Connect Extensions advanced features is turned off, the user exits might begin to receive messages. Recommendation: If possible, RELOAD user exits during a period of low activity. 11.7 IMS Connect problem determination This topic provides several examples of IMS Connect problem determination using the IMS Connect Extensions features. It shows how to use of the reports described in 11.2, "Event collection and reporting" on page 161 to analyze problems related with the following issues: NODELAYACK issues Incorrect message length Client fails to ACK message Timeout issues Duplicate clients 11.7.1 NODELAYACK issues NODELAYACK is a TCP/IP parameter that you can set in the TCP/IP profile in the port statement or in the gateway statement. It allows non-data transmissions from the host to flow without data. If NODELAYACK is used, the z/OS TCP/IP immediately sends an ACK to the remote server TCP/IP. The ACK is not appended to the data being sent from IMS Connect. It works in the following way: