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Part I: Core Concepts of Informix

Part I: Core Concepts of Informix


. . . you are just about anyone that uses Informix products. The section provides an excellent core explanation of the basics of Informix.


This section describes the Informix Corporation, its products, and the future plans of Informix. We begin by giving a history of the Informix Corporation and how it evolved into what it is today. We describe the different types of Informix databases and tools and how they fit into your needs. Chapter 3 helps you get started by teaching you how to use Informix's sample stores database and its utilities. Chapter 4 describes what's behind the architecture of Informix, now and into the future. Finally, the last two chapters in this section show you how to access data in Informix databases and describe Informix's data warehousing direction.


1 Informix: Past, Present, and Future Provides a brief history of Informix, discusses current products and future direction.


2 History of Informix: Live from Silicon Valley An excellent and amusing history of Informix as told by a veteran employee.


3 Building Your First stores Database The stores database sample applications can help any Informix user. Find out how to use them.


4 Understanding Informix Architecture A very thorough four-author effort that describes all the core aspects of Informix architecture. Whether you're a user, programmer, or administrator, this chapter should have something for you.


5 Unique Features of INFORMIX SQL Although the SQL used in Informix is pretty standard, some differences exist. This chapter analyzes some of the differences and discusses Informix data types.


6 Getting at Your Data: Interfaces The dbaccess and isql commands help you select, insert, update, and delete your data. This chapter shows you how to use these commands interactively.


7 Informix and Data Warehousing The data warehouse and decision support industry is growing at amazing speeds. This chapter discusses the market and the related Informix products.


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