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Chapter 6. Shared Disk Secondary servers > Configuration and setup - Pg. 124

Example 6-6 shows a possible output for a system with two defined SDS secondary servers. Example 6-6 Sample output for a select * from sysha:sds_tab sds_servername sds_sec_11_0 state C when_created 1184865129 sds_servername sds_sec_11_1 state C when_created 1184865132 6.2 Configuration and setup The switch of a stand-alone IDS 11 database server into an SDS primary can be performed very quickly. This is done by specifying, with the onmode command, that the current database server will be now acting as a SDS primary. All other necessary prerequisites, such as building the sysha database and setting the SDS_ENABLE ONCONFIG parameter, will be done automatically by the server. A few SDS related ONCONFIG parameters must be manually specified for the