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Section E.2. Database monitoring - Pg. 447

E.2 Database monitoring Continuous monitoring of the database server subsystems, such as disk space, memory, user sessions, and transactions, to set up corrective actions for any detected performance bottlenecks is the second essential task of a DBA. Table E-2 shows the mapping between the SQL Server system views and stored procedures and the Informix command line and SQL interface that generate similar information. Table E-2 Monitoring interface mapping between SQL Server and Informix Task Show Instance settings Show database options SQL Server 2008 sp_configure sp_helpdb sp_databases sys.databases Catalog objects sys.objects sys.columns sys.indexes Informix 11.50 sysmaster:syscfgtab onstat -g env sysmaster:sysdatabases database size monitoring with oncheck -pe <dbname>:systables <dbname>:sysindexes <dbname>:syscolumns <dbname>:sysprocedures