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Chapter 7. Informix configuration and ad... > Informix performance enhancing featu... - Pg. 396

access to individual rows and columns of data. MLS systems process information with separate security levels, permit simultaneous access by users with separate security clearances, and allow users access only to the information for which they have authorization. MLS is a well-known implementation of mandatory access control (MAC). Label-based access control (LBAC) uses a set of security "labels" to control the ability of any user to read, write, delete, or update data in a database. You use these labels to enforce security "policies" that are defined in the database governing data access to the selected tables. These policies are enforced regardless of the method that is used to access the data. For example, with LBAC security, you can prevent users from seeing individual columns or complete rows. For the full details about LBAC and setting it up, see IBM Informix Security Guide, v11.50, SC23-7754. 7.10 Informix performance enhancing features Informix has many features that distinguish it from other RDBM servers. We include a short list in this section to highlight performance enhancing features. For a more comprehensive list of Informix features, go to this website: gsg.doc/ids_gsg_213.htm&resultof=%22new%22%20%22features%22%20%22featur%22