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Lesson 8: Graphing Data > 3D View Properties - Pg. 288

Oracle9i Discoverer Desktop Page 288 3D View Properties w w Graph/3D View... from the menu. Right-click on graph and select 3D View from the popup menu. Angle Rotation Depth The 3D View Properties dialog allows you to manipulate the three-dimensional appearance of your graph. To invoke this dialog, use either of the methods listed above. Three checkboxes are displayed in the lower-right portion of the 3D View Properties dialog. These checkboxes are used to define the 3D details for your graph including: q 3D ­ must be checked to apply any additional 3D properties to the graph. If unchecked, your graph will be displayed in two dimensions. Full 3D View ­ must be checked to allow rotation of the graph to a specified angle. Shadows ­ applies shadows to the graph. q q Copyright © 2003 Sideris Consulting Group, Inc. Reproduction strictly prohibited.