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Chapter 21: The Bigger Picture: SOA for User Interfaces, SaaS, and the Cloud 725 Enable customers to determine the composition of the dashboards in the application: which elements are shown, which are hidden, what is the order of the components is. Use application settings or preferences to govern many aspects of the application's behavior, such as default values, date and number display formats, and currencies and units used. These preferences can be set per customer. Enable domains with allowed values used for drop-down lists and radio groups to be customized by organizations. Have organizations configure their own business rules. Allow SaaS consumers to configure RSS feeds for their own needs--for example, by specifying filters. Enable customers to modify the XSD used for the WebService API and the payload for the events published by the SaaS application. Note that customization can be done at various levels: Customization can be applied per SaaS customer--at the organization level--and could additionally be supported for specific departments or roles within those customer organizations. Finally, customization can be facilitated for individual users; typically it is then called "personalization." Customization and Personalization in ADF ADF has special built-in support for both customization and personalization. Many ADF Faces