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14 Securing Oracle BI Content and Data > Conveying Identity to the Database - Pg. 540

540 Part IV: Applied Security for Oracle APEX and Oracle Business Intelligence XMLP_ANALYZER_EXCEL XMLP_ANALYZER_ONLINE Can use Excel Analyzer functionality Can use the Online Analyzer XMLP_TEMPLATE_DESIGNER Reserved for a future feature This section has presented only half of the security requirements: the web catalog content definition as well as the data presented through that content must be protected. The next section focuses completely on securing the data presented through Oracle BI. Conveying Identity to the Database As mentioned in Chapter 13, Oracle BI uses shared connection pools to communicate with the database. This is great for performance but requires a bit of extra setup work to ensure a secure and auditable environment. Steps should be taken to make sure that the underlying database knows who is actually querying the information so that proper database security can be applied. The easiest way to do this with an Oracle database is to set a client identifier. In this chapter, we will use client identifiers to make it possible to use Oracle's VPD functionality and Oracle Database Auditing with Oracle BI. Setting Client Identifiers