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We want to acknowledge our sponsoring editor, Lisa McClain, for her commitment to this book and her patience with all the authors. Thank you for understanding our busy schedules and personal conflicts while pushing us to deliver in a timely manner. This book would be delayed by another year without her involvement and nurturing.

We also want to acknowledge our acquisitions coordinator, Meghan Riley, editorial supervisor, Janet Walden, the meticulous work of copy editor Lisa Theobald, project manager Vastavikta Sharma, proofreader Paul Tyler, and the entire production and marketing team at Oracle Press. We would also like to extend our personal gratitude to our incredible technical editors, Michael Powell and Sreekanth Chintala, for their great review of all the chapters and contributions.

Larry, Joe, Charles, Bill, Sonya, Joy, Mike, and Nitin

First and foremost, I’d like to thank Bernadette, my wife of 35-plus years, for putting up with my insanity and late nights while we were all working on this book. I would not have made it without her. I would also like to thank Rick Anderson and Mark W. Johnson of Oracle for first introducing me to Database Disaster Recovery, first with Oracle Rdb (originally from Digital and an Oracle product since 1994) and then with Oracle Data Guard starting with Oracle8i. Their dedication to ensuring that our customers were successful was my guide and support in my endeavors to do the same. Finally, my thanks to my manager, Ashish Ray, and our senior VP, Juan Loaiza, for allowing me to contribute to this book.

Larry Carpenter

Many thanks to the development staff who have made Data Guard the best data protection and data availability solution for enterprise databases. Additional thanks to the members of Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture team who document and validate best practices for Oracle’s high availability solutions. But the biggest thanks of all are reserved for the DBAs and IT managers who recognize the value offered by Data Guard. Their efforts transform Data Guard from a concept represented by lines of code and documentation into real business value for their companies.

Joe Meeks

I want to extend a personal thank you to our lead author, Larry Carpenter, for his enormous sacrifice and commitment to bringing the technical content of this book together. Without Larry’s sacrifices, this book would not have been possible.

Charles Kim

First and foremost, I thank the dedicated team of authors involved in our project, and in particular Larry Carpenter, who was always there front and center to support each of us as we worked to complete our contributions to the book. I’d like to thank Charles Kim, who I’ve worked with for many years and have come to respect for his professionalism and dedication to the Oracle technology arena, for inviting me to participate in this work, and for his patience while we sometimes struggled to meet every deadline. Finally, for the sacrifices my family has made while I worked late and on weekends after arriving home from traveling all week to complete my portions of the book, thank all of you.

Bill Burke

I would like to thank my friend and colleague Charles Kim for the opportunity to work on this project. During the course of writing this book, he has been an invaluable source of knowledge. Thanks for your guidance, recommendations, and time. I would also like to thank Michael Powell and Sreekanth Chintala for their technical reviews. Their expertise and practical knowledge have helped me immensely. My special thanks to Larry Carpenter for his help, patience, and willingness to share his extensive technical expertise.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my family for their understanding, patience, and support while I worked on this book.

Sonya Carothers

Thanks to the members of the LogMiner and the Logical Standby development team for staying the course through fair and foul weather.

Joydip Kundu

I would like to acknowledge all of my teammates on the Maximum Availability Architecture team. Working with such smart, talented people can only be called a privilege. In addition, I would like to thank the High Availability Product Management team and ST developers for all of their help in getting the MAA best practices out to the customer base.

Mike Smith

Thanks to the entire Vengurlekar and Bhide family, the RacPack group, the ASM development group, and the MAA team. Thanks to Larry Carpenter for his tireless efforts in getting this book together and Charles Kim for talking me into writing this book (you owe me a beer). A big thanks to Kirk Mcgowan, Sohan Demel, and Angelo Pruscino for letting me do this book.

Nitin Vengurlekar

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