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170 Oracle CRM On Demand Deployment Guide Considerations for User Interface Integration The integration methods discussed thus far occur at the web-browser level. No custom coding or external hosting is needed to leverage these approaches and no tinkering at the application or database level is required. Although simple to employ, these mechanisms may be combined with more complex business logic to extend CRM On Demand. When assessing UI integration, consider the following questions: Is the information you need web accessible? UI integration is a good choice, allowing any web content to be easily included in a mashup. Does the information change often? External content is always accessed real-time via UI integration, so inserting links to frequently changing content is preferable to high-frequency integrations. Is the data required for comprehensive Analytics? UI integration leaves the data outside of CRM On Demand and, therefore, inaccessible to CRM On Demand Analytics. If the data is critical to the reports built into CRM On Demand, then you'll want to use the data integration tools or web services to bring the data into the application.