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Part 5: Query and SQR Tools > Delivered SQR Common Modules

C. Delivered SQR Common Modules

PeopleSoft is delivered with many common modules that are used by delivered SQR programs. This Appendix lists each delivered common module and its function. Many of the common modules are of no use at all, but it is important to know the ones that could provide functionality to custom SQR programs.

Table C-1. Delivered common module descriptions by type
TypeSQC nameDescription
APIprcsapi.sqcProcedure to update the process scheduler request record
APIprcsdef.sqcProcedure to define the process scheduler variables.
APIprcslng.sqcProcess scheduler API for multiple language use
APIprojapi.sqcAPI for creating a new project definition
APIstdapi.sqcProcess scheduler interface
Askaskactn.sqcInput logic for user-entered actions
Askaskaod.sqcInput logic for user-entered as-of date
Askaskarea.sqcGet area code from user
Askaskbu.sqcMasking logic for user-entered business unit name
Askaskcalyr.sqcInput logic for user-entered calendar year
Askaskcbrpt.sqcCOBRA ask reprint values
Askaskdept.sqcInput logic for user-entered department numbers
Askaskeffdt.sqcAsks user to enter effective date
Askaskftd.sqcInput logic for user-entered from and through dates
Askaskjbcde.sqcInput logic for user for salary mass updates by job code
Askaskldgr.sqcMasking logic for user-entered ledger group name
Askaskledg.sqcMasking logic for user-entered ledger name
Askaskprd.sqcInput logic for user-entered period begin/end dates
Askaskprins.sqcInput logic for user-entered process instances (PIS)
Askaskpygrp.sqcInput logic for user for salary mass updates
Askaskreqn.sqcInput logic for user-entered job requisitions
Askasksalpl.sqcInput logic for user for salary plan
Askaskselct.sqcAsk-select masking logic for user input. Asks user to enter data, then masks it
Askaskslpln.sqcInput logic for user for salary mass updates by salary plan
Askasksrvyr.sqcInput logic for user-entered service years
Askaskstpin.sqcInput logic for user for salary step increments
Askaskvacnt.sqcInput logic for user-entered vacant position report request
Askaskxovrd.sqcInput logic for user-entered exception/override option
Askbenasof.sqcInput logic for user-entered as-of date
Askbenftd.sqcInput logic for user-entered from/thru dates
Askchgasodt.sqcRequest as-of date and update the PSASOFDATE record
Askchgftdts.sqcRequest from date and through date
Calculationcar00l.sqcCalculate car & fuel benefit charges
Calculationdatemath.sqcRoutines for date arithmetic
Calculationdatewrk.sqcComputes days worked
Calculationeeogroup.sqcSex/ethnic group analysis
Calculationeeogrpuk.sqcSex/ethnic group analysis for UK
Calculationfsadates.sqcGenerates Flexible Spending Account dates (1st and last day of year)
Calculationsqrtrans.sqcTranslate SQR strings to given language
Calculationtimemath.sqcSQR time arithmetic procedures
COBRA-specificcbaskval.sqcCOBRA ask values
COBRA-specificcbgetval.sqcMask run control routines
COBRA-specificcbraddr.sqcCOBRA address
COBRA-specificcbrdefs.sqcCOBRA defines
COBRA-specificcbrdeps.sqcCOBRA enrollment form dependent processing
COBRA-specificcbrncntl.sqcRetrieves run control for report parameters needed for benefits reports
Define constantscanrpt.sqcSets NID_COUNTRY = ‘CAN’ for Canada reporting
Define constantsconvdef.sqcDefine conversion constants
Define constantsrdbms.sqcDefine database environment constant
Define constantssetenv.sqcDefine operating system and date constants variables. Includes ‘rdbms.sqc’ and ‘opsys.sqc’.
Define constantsstdvar.sqcSets payroll national ID type = ‘PR’
Define constantsusarpt.sqcDefines NID_COUNTRY as ‘USA’ for USA reporting
Formattingaddress.sqcConverts address fields into display address
Formattingadformat.sqcConverts address fields using country settings
Formattingchgampus.sqcChange an ampersand to an underscore/back space
Formattingcompnum.sqcCompares two values; SQR does not always correctly compare values; this is the workaround
Formattingconvtab.sqcConverts a tab-delimited file to comma-delimited
Formattingcurrnd.sqcCurrency rounding common module
Formattingdatetime.sqcRoutines to format dates and times
Formattingeftkana.sqcGenerate Hankaku characters for Japanese EFT files
Formattingldadropt.sqcLoad a lookup table with the paycheck address options
Formattingldlifcov.sqcLoad a lookup table with the life and AD&D coverage types
Formattingldnumlit.sqcCreate array of literals for number-to-words conversion
Formattingldnumtrn.sqcLanguage-enabled version of ldnumlit.sqc, used in paycheck
Formattingldorgsb.sqcLoad array with symbols to represent org. code
Formattingldpgmcur.sqcLoad a lookup table with currency code for benefit program
Formattingldplntyp.sqcLoad a lookup table with the plan types
Formattingnamenl.sqcChange format for Dutch name
Formattingnetintrn.sqcLanguage-enabled version of netinwds.sqc
Formattingnetinwds.sqcConvert net pay to words
Formattingnidformt.sqcFormats the national ID according to country settings
Formattingnumber.sqcRoutines to format numbers
Formattingohsutil.sqcUK data formatting for OHS reports
Formattingproper.sqcCapitalizes the first letter of every word in a string
Formattingrotnamel.sqcConvert name from “last,first,prefix” to “first prefix last”
Formattingrotname2.sqcConvert name from “last,first,prefix” to “fi mi prefix last”
Formattingrotname3.sqcConvert name from “last,first,prefix” to its 3 components
Formattingrotname4.sqcConvert name from “last,first,prefix” to “fi last”
Formattingrotname5.sqcConvert from “last suffix,first” to “last first suffix”
Formattingrotname6.sqcConvert from “last suffix,first” to “last first mid in”
Formattingrotname7.sqcConvert from “Last Suffix,First” to “FIn MidIn Last” (remove suffix from name)
Formattingrotname8.sqcConvert from “First MidIn Last Suffix” to “First MidIn Last” (remove title and suffix from name)
Formattingukutil.sqcGeneral United Kingdom formatting routines
Getbendeps.sqcSelect dependent records
Getcurdttim.sqcGet current system date and time
Getcvrgcd.sqcRetrieves description of a coverage code
Getgetactrs.sqcGet action reason from the action reason table
Getgetasodt.sqcGet as-of date from PSASOFDATE record
Getgetbalid.sqcGet balance ID for calendar year from the installation table
Getgetbennm.sqcGet the benefit name
Getgetbical.sqcGet billing calendar
Getgetbunam.sqcGet the description of a business unit code
Getgetcodta.sqcGet selected fields from the company table
Getgetcurnm.sqcGet currency name from the currency table
Getgetcvgcd.sqcRetrieves coverage code info from COVRG_CD_TBL
Getgetdatcd.sqcGet year, quarter, and month codes from $asofdate variable
Getgetdedbl.sqcGet deduction balances
Getgetdednm.sqcGet deduction name from the deductions table
Getgetdptnm.sqcGet department name from the department table
Getgetempad.sqcGet basic personal data for an employee
Getgetempna.sqcGet the nationality of an employee
Getgetempnm.sqcGet the person’s name from the PS_PERSONAL_DATA record
Getgeternbl.sqcGet earnings balances
Getgeternnm.sqcGet earnings name from the earnings table
Getgetestnm.sqcGet establishment name (used for tips)
Getgetfrmat.sqcGet format (for diskettes)
Getgetftdts.sqcGet from date and as-of date from PSASOFDATE record
Getgethours.sqcGet hours
Getgetjobtl.sqcGet job title from the job code table
Getgetlcdta.sqcGet selected fields from the local tax tables
Getgetlocnm.sqcGet location name from the location table
Getgetmonnm.sqcGet month name procedures
Getgetorgsb.sqcGet symbol for org. code
Getgetpgdta.sqcGet selected fields from paygroup table
Getgetpgmnm.sqcGet the name of the current benefit program
Getgetposnm.sqcGet position name from the position data table
Getgetprvnm.sqcGet the benefit provider’s name
Getgetqtrcd.sqcGet quarter and month codes from $asofdate
Getgetrplng.sqcGet the report language
Getgetrptpd.sqcRetrieve reporting period for benefits reports
Getgetrpttr.sqcGet reporting period for benefits reports
Getgetsched.sqcGet benefits administration schedule ID from the user
Getgetschnm.sqcGet the name of the current benefits administration schedule
Getgetsetid.sqcGets the setID for the system
Getgetslgrd.sqcGet salary grade data from the salary grade table
Getgetstdta.sqcGet selected fields from the state tax tables
Getgettxlnm.sqcGets the tax location name from the tax location 1 table
Getgetunion.sqcGet union fields from the union table
Getgetweeks.sqcGet weeks
Getgetwrkcn.sqcGets fields from the Works Council table (Germany only)
Gethrsecty.sqcGet SQR security flag
Getreadxlat.sqcRead the translate table for the desired values.
Getvaliddt.sqcRoutines to validate date
Headingstdhdg01sqcStandard heading #1 for printed reports, contains: run date, run time, report title report ID,
Headingstdhdg02.sqcStandard heading #2 for printed reports, contains company code and company name, includes stdhdg01.sqc
Headingstdhdg03.sqcStandard heading #3 for printed reports, contains: as of date, includes stdhdg01.sqc
Headingstdhdg04.sqcStandard heading #4 for printed reports, contains: pay period end date, includes stdhdg02.sqc
Headingstdhdg05qcStandard heading #5 for printed reports, contains: check date and time, includes stdhdg02.sqc
Headingstdhdg06.sqcStandard heading #6 for printed reports, contains: paygroup information, includes stdhdg04.sqc
Headingstdhdg07.sqcStandard heading #7 for printed reports, contains: department ID and name, includes stdhdg04.sqc
Headingstdhdg08.sqcStandard heading #8 for printed reports, contains: period from through dates, includes stdhdg01.sqc
Headingstdhdg09.sqcStandard heading #9 for printed reports, contains: asofdate, includes stdhdg02.sqc
Headingstdhdg10qcStandard heading #10 for printed reports, contains: EMPLID and name, includes stdhdg02.sqc
Headingstdhdg11.sqcStandard heading #11 for printed reports, contains: period from through dates, includes stdhdg02.sqc
Headingstdhdg12.sqcStandard heading #12 for printed reports, contains: schedule ID, includes stdhdg0l.sqc
Headingstdhdgpi.sqcStandard heading for printed reports using payinit.sqc, contains payroll information
Headingstdhdgtr.sqcStandard heading #1 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr02.sqcStandard heading #2 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr03.sqcStandard heading #3 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr04.sqcStandard heading #4 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr05.sqcStandard heading #5 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr06.sqcStandard heading #6 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr07.sqcStandard heading #7 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr08.sqcStandard heading #8 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr09.sqcStandard heading #9 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr10.sqcStandard heading #10 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr11.sqcStandard heading #11 for printed reports
Headingstdhtr12.sqcStandard heading #12 for printed reports
Headingstdhtrpi.sqcStandard heading for printed reports using PAYINIT.sqc
Insertbenotr.sqcPopulates tables for PS_BENEFITS_Data
Insertbenpers.sqcPopulates personal data information to benefit tables
Insertsetbuutl.sqcInserts rows into the setID table and business unit table
Insertsetidutl.sqcInserts rows into the setID table
Pension modulepaextrctsqcPension administration benefits value extract
Pension modulepafunctn.sqcPension administration functions
Pension modulepagetval.sqcMasks run control date for pension administration
Pension modulepahdg01.sqcPension administration worksheet heading
Pension modulepahdg06c.sqcPension administration Social Security worksheet heading
Pension moduleparesult.sqcReads result tables for pension administration
Pension moduleparnct11.sqcRetrieve run control parameters for pension administration human resources reports
Pension moduleparnctl2.sqcRetrieve run control parameters for pension administration human resources reports
Pension modulepaservce.sqcCalculates service for pension administration
Pension modulepat08hdg.sqcPension administration trustee extract report heading
Pension modulepat09hdg.sqcPension administration trustee detail report heading
Pension modulepay300rt.sqcRetrieves run control parameters from RTRORQST_RUNCTL
Pension modulepay301rt.sqcRetrieves run control parameters from RTROREPT_RUNCTL
Pension modulepay302rt.sqcRetrieves run control parameters from RTROSUMM_RUNCTL
Pension modulepay303rt.sqcRetrieves run control parameters from RTROTERM_RUNCTL
Pension modulepaydelrc.sqcDeletes payroll run control record
PS Financialsfsbegin.sqcThis is the ps/financials standard report driver
PS Financialsfsgetshr.sqcThis procedure will retrieve the correct setID for the set name being shared
PS Financialsfshdg01.sqcStandard heading #1 for ps/financials reports
PS Financialsfshdg02.sqcStandard heading #2 for ps/financials reports
PS Financialsfshdg05.sqcStandard heading #5 for ps/financials reports
PS Financialsfshdg06b.sqcStandard heading #6 for ps/financials reports
PS Financialsfsldsdta.sqcGet data from the ledger definition table
PS Financialsfslgrdta.sqcGet data from the ledger group definition table
PS Financialsfsprcbll.sqcThis is the highest level procedure in the program. It will process the business unit based upon the ask criteria.
Report-specificaskactop.sqcGet action option for pos002
Report-specificaskap008.sqcInput logic for user report app008
Report-specificaskap010.sqcInput logic for user report app010
Report-specificaskcar.sqcInput logic for p11d reports
Report-specificaskeecrs.sqcInput logic for user report per101cn
Report-specificaskp034.sqcInput for per034a - create internal resume
Report-specificbasdep00.sqcBenefits administration enrollment form dependent processing
Report-specificckeyrctl.sqcSelects run control fields for delivered general ledger interface
Report-specificctxflt4.sqcGenerates form flash for Canadian T4 form
Report-specificctxflt4a.sqcGenerates form flash for Canadian T4 form
Report-specificctxrctll.sqcRetrieves run control for report parameters needed for Canadian tax reports
Report-specificctxrnctl.sqcRetrieve data from Canadian process parameters record Canadian tax reports
Report-specificdddindex.sqcAudit index
Report-specificdddtable.sqcAudit record/SQL table
Report-specificdddviews.sqcAudit views
Report-specificecbusdoc.sqcUsed when trying to reprocess an inbound data file that was in error
Report-specificecin999.sqcParses the 999 control records in the flat file. It then validates the control information to make sure further data can be processed
Report-specificecmapfld.sqcNo description
Report-specificecoutmap.sqcNo description
Report-specificec where.sqcDerive where clause
Report-specifichdg912.sqcPrint headers for tax912xx
Report-specifichrtrnrpt.sqcScenarios for TN010 and TN011 reports
Report-specificicclrctl.sqcRun control for calculation
Report-specificicelhous.sqcIncentive comp housekeeping routines for elig./calc.
Report-specificicgbhous.sqcIncentive comp housekeeping routines
Report-specificicmemrpt.sqcRetrieves incentive comp. run control parameters from IC_MEMRP_RUNCTL
Report-specificicpayint.sqcRetrieves incentive comp. run control parameters from IC_PYINT_RUNCTL
Report-specificicround.sqcIncentive comp rounding rules routine
Report-specificmasschng.sqcMass change processing shared procedures
Report-specificmassfile.sqcMass change file unload/load procedures
Report-specificmasslayo.sqcMass layout #defines
Report-specificohs003gr.sqcGets common data for the OHS001 and 004 reports (Germany only)
Report-specificohs501uk.sqcGets health and safety base locations for United Kingdom reports
Report-specificohs701bc.sqcUsed for electronic commerce functionality
Report-specificohsget.sqcMasks health and safety record values for health and safety reports
Report-specificohsrnctl.sqcRun control value selection for health and safety reports
Report-specificopsys.sqcOperating system environment
Report-specificpirunctl.sqcPayroll interface changes report (delivered payroll interface to external payroll system)
Report-specificprogtype.sqcProcedure to build PeopleCode program type array
Report-specificprtssaa.sqcPrint data from transmitter record—SSA format
Report-specificprtssab.sqcPrint data from basic authorization rec—SSA format
Report-specificprtssae.sqcPrint data from employer record—SSA format
Report-specificprtssas.sqcPrint data from employee state record(s)—SSA format
Report-specificrdtap912.sqcRead tape file for tax912xx
Report-specificrptsmmca.sqcUsed by TAX810 series of SQRs (quarterly wage listing) as a summary report
Report-specificrptsmmry.sqcPrint summary information
Report-specificstgbhous.sqcStock administration housekeeping routines
Report-specificstw2smry.sqcState w-2 tape summary report heading include
Report-specifictxovrflw.sqcUtility for splitting tax amounts that overflow fields
Report-specifictxrnct11.sqcRetrieves run control for report parameters needed for tax reports
Report-specifictxrnctl2.sqcRetrieves run control for report parameters needed for tax reports
Report-specificw2sort.sqcControl w2 sort
Report-specificwlgen.sqcWlgen.sqc work list generator
Run controlbngetval.sqcMasks run control routines
Run controlbnrunctl.sqcRetrieves run control for report parameters needed for benefits reports
Run controlhrctlfra.sqcRetrieves parameters for France run control
Run controlhrctlnld.sqcRetrieves parameters for Netherlands run control
Run controlhrgetfra.sqcFrance run control masks
Run controlhrgetnld.sqcNetherlands run control masks
Run controlhrgetval.sqcMasks run control value
Run controlhrrnct11.sqcRetrieves run control for the parameters of the human resources reports
Run controlhrrnctl2.sqcRetrieves run control for list of actions
Run controlhrrnctl3.sqcRetrieves run control for list of job requisitions
Run controlhrrnct14.sqcRetrieves run control for list of departments
Run controlpayinit.sqcPayroll report initialization and timing routines
Run controlpayrctl2.sqcRetrieves payroll run control parameters from RC_PAY RECORD
Run controlpayrctl3.sqcRetrieves run control parameters from PS_RC_PAY_UNSHT. Invoked by payroll un-sheet process
Run controlpayrnctl.sqcRetrieves run control for report parameters needed for payroll reports
Run controlpygetval.sqcSets defaults for pay run control values
Run controlrdedrctl.sqcRetrieves run control for report parameters needed for payroll reports which use payinit.sqc
Run controltaxrnctl.sqcRetrieves data from tax reporting run control record
Run controltiprnctl.sqcGets run control parameters for tips processing run control
Run controltlgetval.sqcGets begin and end dates for time and labor processes
Run controltlrnctll.sqcGets run control parameters for time and labor processes
SQR setup/utilitychkadvpr.sqcCheck and advice printer settings (including MICR settings)
SQR setup/utilityconverr.sqcSQL error procedure for conversion
SQR setup/utilityeoj.sqcPerform end of job processing if successful status
SQR setup/utilityreset.sqcReset printer, print ‘end of report’
SQR setup/utilitysetlyo31.sqcLandscape layout declaration for reports
SQR setup/utilitysetlyo3p.sqcPortrait layout declaration for reports
SQR setup/utilitysetlyout.sqcSet the layout for the sqr report
SQR setup/utilitysetori31.sqcSets layout constants by evaluating paper size (landscape only)
SQR setup/utilitysetori3p.sqcSets layout constants by evaluating paper size (portrait only)
SQR setup/utilitysetprt3.sqcSets printer declaration
SQR setup/utilitysetup01.sqcStandard setup section (portrait orientation)
SQR setup/utilitysetup01a.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization (portrait)
SQR setup/utilitysetup02.sqcStandard setup section (landscape orientation)
SQR setup/utilitysetup02a.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization (landscape)
SQR setup/utilitysetup02b.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization
SQR setup/utilitysetup02c.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization
SQR setup/utilitysetup03.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization
SQR setup/utilitysetup03i.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization
SQR setup/utilitysetup031.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization
SQR setup/utilitysetup04i.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization
SQR setup/utilitysetup041.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization
SQR setup/utilitysetup06.sqcSetup for extract files
SQR setup/utilitysetup07.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization
SQR setup/utilitysetup10.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization
SQR setup/utilitysetup10a.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization
SQR setup/utilitysetup31.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization (portrait)
SQR setup/utilitysetup32.sqcPrinter and page-size initialization (landscape)
SQR setup/utilitysetupdb.sqcDatabase-specific setup
SQR setup/utilitysqlerr.sqcSQL error-handling procedure
SQR setup/utilitystdinit.sqcReports initialization and timing routines
SQR setup/utilitytranctrl.sqcSupports commit, rollback, etc., across platforms. Can be used in other SQRS by performing a “do commit-transaction” rather than a “commit”
SQR setup/utilityuseprntr.sqcIndicates which printer to use for reports
SQR setup/utilityutils.sqcPrinting utilities (word wrap)
System reportsysauthi.sqcPS operator authorized item edit report
System reportsysauthp.sqcVerifies that authorized process group operator exists
System reportsysauths.sqcPS operator authorized sign on edit report
System reportsysclrls.sqcAudit of audit tables (verifies data in audit tables is exclusive)
System reportsysdbfld.sqcPS database field definition edits report
System reportsysecmgr.sqcReport of EDI maps
System reportsyshelpi.sqcPS help index edits report
System reportsyshelpt.sqcPS help text edits report
System reportsysimpdf.sqcPS import definition edits report
System reportsysimpfd.sqcPS import definition field edits report
System reportsysimpxl.sqcPS import translate edits report
System reportsyslang, sqcAudit report of language tables
System reportsysmenud.sqcPS menu definition edits report
System reportsysmenui.sqcPS menu item edits report
System reportsysoprdf.sqcPS operator-definition edits report
System reportsyspcmnm.sqcPS PeopleCode program manager name report
System reportsyspcmpr.sqcPS PeopleCode program manager report
System reportsyspnldf.sqcPS panel definition field count report
System reportsyspnlfd.sqcPS panel field edits report
System reportsyspnlgr.sqcPS panel group edits report
System reportsysprgnm.sqcPS PeopleCode program name edits report
System reportsysqrybn.sqcPS query binds edits report
System reportsysqrycr.sqcPS query definition criteria edits report
System reportsysqrydf.sqcPS query definition edits report
System reportsysqryfd.sqcPS query definition field edits report
System reportsysqryrc.sqcPS query definition record edits report
System reportsysqrysl.sqcPS query definition selection edits report
System reportsysrecdf.sqcPS record definition edits report
System reportsysrecfd.sqcPS record definition field edits report
System reportsystreeb.sqcPS tree branch edits report
System reportsystreed.sqcPS tree definition edits report
System reportsystreel.sqcPS tree level/node/leaf edits report
System reportsystrees.sqcPS tree structure edits report
System reportsysversn.sqcPS lock version report
System reportsysviewt.sqcPS view text edits report
System reportsysxlatt.sqcPS translate table edits report
Upgradeupdvers.sqcCommon upgrade version lock routines
Upgradeupg.sqcCommon upgrade defines
Upgradeupgattr.sqcUpgrade process—comparison & conflict identification
Upgradeupgcodes.sqcUpgrade process—load codes
Upgradeupghdg01.sqcUpgrade report standard heading #1
Upgradeupghdg02.sqcUpgrade report standard heading #2
Upgradeupgpr.sqcUpgrade process—common procedures
Upgradeupgsetup.sqcRetrieve parameters from command line


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