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CHAPTER 2: BEA Tuxedo: PeopleSoft's Appl... > Anatomy of the Application Server

Anatomy of the Application Server

PeopleSoft works in exactly the same way as the Simple application. Tuxedo passes parameters to certain functions between client and server. The only difference is that there are more server processes and more services, and the Simple application example did not include the Tuxedo listener processes.

Processes, Memory, and Messages

A Tuxedo application server domain consists of a number of server processes that communicate via shared memory segments and message queues. These structures are a part of the Unix Interprocess Communication (IPC) model. They are created and administered using Unix system functions that are supplied as a standard part of the operating system.

There is no concept of protected and shared memory on Windows, so BEA developed provided tuxipc.exe, the BEA Process Manager service (also referred to as the Tuxedo IPC Helper service in earlier versions), which supports the Unix IPC system call functions required by Tuxedo.4 BEA also implemented the ipcs and ipcrm commands on Windows. The Tuxedo documentation does not explain these commands because they are standard Unix commands, common to all flavors.


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