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Chapter 3. RPG IV Functions and Features > Symbolic Names - Pg. 36

CL0N01Factor1+++++++Opcode(E)+Extended-factor2+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ C C IF (Status = S ) AND Quantity < 1000 C EVAL(H) Amount = Quantity * Price C ELSE C EVAL(H) Amount = (Price * 0.10) * Quantity C ENDIF Figure 25. EVAL Operation Code 3.2 Symbolic Names Names for data items used in your program such as variables, constants, and data structures are called symbolic names . They identify uniquely a specific data item. 3.2.1 Upper/Lowercase You can now mix lower and uppercase characters in the names of files, fields, record formats, arrays, data structures, labels, and in any symbolic names used to identify and access specific data in the program. This is also true for operation codes and reserved words. The SEU and RPG IV compiler accepts everything in upper or lowercase. The compiler translates all the characters to uppercase. In the list produced by the compiler, all the characters appear as they were written by the programmer (in upper and lowercase). In the cross