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Chapter 38. The GLIMMIX Procedure > Details: GLIMMIX Procedure - Pg. 2297

ODS Graphics ! 2297 The reference line in the ANOM plot is drawn at the average. Vertical lines extend from this refer- ence line upward or downward, depending on the magnitude of the least squares means compared to the reference value. This enables you to quickly see which levels perform above and below the average. The horizontal reference lines are 95% upper and lower decision limits. If a vertical line crosses the limits, you conclude that the least squares mean is significantly different (at the 5% significance level) from the average. You can adjust the comparisons for multiplicity by adding the ADJUST=NELSON option in the LSMEANS statement. ODS Graph Names To request graphics with PROC GLIMMIX, you must first enable ODS Graphics by specifying the ODS GRAPHICS ON statement. See Chapter 21, "Statistical Graphics Using ODS," for more information. The GLIMMIX procedure does not produce graphs by default. You can reference every graph produced through ODS Graphics with a name. The names of the graphs that PROC GLIMMIX generates are listed in Table 38.20, along with the required statements and options. Table 38.20 ODS Graphics Produced by PROC GLIMMIX ODS Graph Name AnomPlot Plot Description Plot of LS-mean differences against the average LS- Option PLOTS=ANOMPLOT LSMEANS / PLOTS=ANOMPLOT