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Chapter 77. The SEQDESIGN Procedure (Exp... > Examples: SEQDESIGN Procedure - Pg. 5877

Examples: SEQDESIGN Procedure ! 5877 Table 77.13 ODS Graphics Produced by PROC SEQDESIGN ODS Graph Name ASNPlot BoundaryPlot CombinedBoundaryPlot ErrSpendPlot PowerPlot Plot Description Average sample numbers Detailed boundary values Boundary values Error spending Power curves Option PLOTS=ASN PLOTS=BOUNDARY PLOTS=COMBINEDBOUNDARY PLOTS=ERRSPEND PLOTS=POWER Examples: SEQDESIGN Procedure The following examples demonstrate the usage of group sequential methods. Example 77.1 uses the NSTAGES=1 option to derive boundaries of critical values for a fixed-sample design. The remaining examples use different methods to create boundaries for various group sequential designs. Example 77.1: Creating Fixed-Sample Designs