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Chapter 92. The TTEST Procedure > Examples: TTEST Procedure - Pg. 7423

Examples: TTEST Procedure ! 7423 reference line. You can use the UNIVARIATE procedure with the NORMAL option to numerically check the normality assumption. Examples: TTEST Procedure Example 92.1: Using Summary Statistics to Compare Group Means This example, taken from Huntsberger and Billingsley (1989), compares two grazing methods using 32 steers. Half of the steers are allowed to graze continuously while the other half are subjected to controlled grazing time. The researchers want to know if these two grazing methods affect weight gain differently. The data are read by the following DATA step: data graze; length GrazeType $ 10; input GrazeType $ WtGain datalines; controlled 45 controlled @@; 62