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Chapter 94. The VARCOMP Procedure > Syntax: VARCOMP Procedure - Pg. 7490

7490 ! Chapter 94: The VARCOMP Procedure PROC VARCOMP Statement PROC VARCOMP < options > ; This statement invokes the VARCOMP procedure. You can specify the following options in the PROC VARCOMP statement. DATA=SAS-data-set specifies the input SAS data set to use. If this option is omitted, the most recently created SAS data set is used. EPSILON=number specifies the convergence value of the objective function for METHOD=ML or METHOD=REML. By default, EPSILON=1E 8. MAXITER=number specifies the maximum number of iterations for METHOD=ML or METHOD=REML. By default, MAXITER=50. METHOD=TYPE1 | MIVQUE0 | ML | REML | GRR < (options) > specifies which of the five methods (TYPE1, MIVQUE0, ML, REML, or GRR) you want