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Chapter 18. McNemar's Test > 18.3 Examples - Pg. 326

TABLE 18.1 Layout for McNemar's Test 2 nd Observation Response 1 st Observation Response Non- Response Total A C A+C Non- Response B D B+D Total A+B C+D n= A+B+C+D Let p 1 represent the probability that the first observation of the pair is a `response', and p 2 the probability that the second observation is a `response'. The hypothesis of interest is the equality of the response proportions, p 1 and p 2 . The test statistic is based on the difference in the discordant cell frequencies (B and C) as shown in the test summary below. This statistic has an approximate chi-square distribution when H 0 is true. null hypothesis: H 0 : p 1 = p 2