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Chapter 4. Calling SAS Procedures > 4.3 Transferring Data between Matrices and ... - Pg. 91

4.3. Transferring Data between Matrices and Procedures 91 In the program, the matrix x is defined prior to calling the UNIVARIATE procedure. After the UNIVARIATE procedure exits, the matrix is still available for further computations. This behav- ior is in contrast to the standard behavior in SAS programs where calling a new procedure (here, UNIVARIATE) causes the previous procedure (here, IML) to exit. The SUBMIT block enables you to call any SAS procedure, DATA step, or macro as if it were a built-in SAS/IML subroutine. Any variables in your IMLPlus program that were in scope prior to calling the SUBMIT block are still in scope after calling the SUBMIT block. Programming Tip: Use the SUBMIT and ENDSUBMIT statements to call a SAS procedure or DATA step from an IMLPlus program. The simple example in this section merely prints some statistics about the Budget variable; there is no interaction between the IMLPlus portion of the program and the call to the UNIVARIATE proce- dure. The next sections show how to transfer data between SAS/IML matrices and SAS procedures, and how to pass parameters from SAS/IML software into SAS procedures.