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Chapter 17: Case studies > Case study 1: Company One - Pg. 578

17.1 Case study 1: Company One We will detail the background and requirements of the company for this case study. 17.1.1 Company one profile Company One is a wholly owned subsidiary of MuchBigger Company, a multi-billion dollar, multi-national company that provides commercial agricultural products. Company One provides products and services to the agricultural community at various layers. Company One provides these services for a national market and manages its own datacenter following and setting standards where appropriate from the parent company. The parent company and other subsidiaries have not implemented any SAN technology to date. Points of presence (POPs) are situated throughout 12 North American major metropolitan areas. 17.1.2 High-level business requirements As a new and isolated environment, Company One would like to introduce a consolidated storage solution for centralized e-mail and other ERP applications in the next two months. Initially, 10 servers will be attached, growing to 20