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This is the first complete book on the market that covers the ever-popular Oracle development tool, TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Developers). This book covers all features of TOAD, including new features of version 7.4 and the Quest DBA module for TOAD. An updated book is planned for each new release of TOAD. This book covers TOAD features, tips, tricks, and techniques, and does not focus on any particular version of Oracle RDBMS, unless otherwise noted.

The focus of this book is for all users of TOAD. It is the only complete reference book available for TOAD to date. This book is perfect for those who are new to Oracle and TOAD, the power user, and the more sophisticated/experienced users of TOAD. TOAD has so many features and benefits that it was difficult to include all of them in this book. Each chapter focuses on a particular topic, covering it in depth with illustrations, tips, and techniques from the Oracle experts Bert Scalzo and Dan Hotka.

This book is ideal for the following readers:

  • The power user wanting easy access to data, help with SQL, and help with occasional coding assignments

  • Anyone who wants to increase his or her productivity using the Oracle RDBMS

  • IT professionals already familiar with TOAD but needing help with additional features

  • Developers who want to do a specific task but cannot remember how

  • Any TOAD user, as a tool for learning additional features

This book is intended to be a complete, single source of information, usage, tips, and techniques for the TOAD tool. The book focuses on the following topics:

  • TOAD installation and setup

  • Developing PL/SQL, SQL, and SQL scripts in an easy and intuitive environment

  • Tuning SQL and debugging PL/SQL

  • Modeling any user’s schema

  • Routine and advanced DBA tasks

  • Exporting of data into various formats

  • Using additional features such as FTP, TKProf, and adding your own favorite editors and programs

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