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What's New in DocBook V5.0? > Uniform info elements - Pg. 8

In DocBook V5.0, this can be written as the following: <section xml:id="dir"> <title>DIR command</title> <para>...</para> </section> <section xml:id="ls"> <title>LS command</title> <para>This command is a synonym for <command linkend="dir">DIR</command> command. </para> </section> In addition, the href attribute from the XLink namespace was added to the same set of inline elements as linkend . The following example shows how you can use href . Note that you need to declare the XLink namespace in your document instance to use this attribute: <article xmlns="" xmlns:xl="" version="5.0"> <title>Test article</title> <para> <application xl:href="">Emacs</application> is my favourite text editor.</para> ... </article>