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9. Design For Environment > Knowledge in the World - Pg. 234

234 CHAPTER 9 DESIGN FOR ENVIRONMENT As you can imagine, it took a while to get really good at this. We figured that, despite our best training efforts, it took about six months before a rep was really comfortable navigating all the systems, and answering most customer questions. It was also an entry-level position, and due to a lot of expansion, reps could often transfer out to other, better paid, positions in the company pretty rapidly. So it worked kind of like this: Amount of time to get a CSR up to speed = About 6 months Amount of time to before a CSR transferred out of the department = About 6 months You can see the difficulty here. While there were undoubtedly many things we could do to improve the training experience, that wasn't really the problem. There were too many weird excep- tions, and too many instances where reps had to learn and remember bizarre