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203 Fashion design accommodates a diverse range of contexts, ideas and practices that are essentially linked to human criteria. The appeal of fashion may be attributed to its ability to transcend and even embrace opposing forces and influences by applying a transient significance to human appearance and identity. In recent years the fashion industry has witnessed the inexorable rise and influence of new technologies. While many of these technological advances are taking place outside the sample rooms or ateliers of fashion houses, their impact is having a very real effect on fashion consumer expectations and buying behaviour. The development of information communication channels, including websites, blogs, live streaming of As fashion continues to define and redefine itself, with designers examining its past, presenting a view of modernity and expressing contemporary tastes and values, it becomes clear that fashion is also shaped by its human relationships and organizational structures. For a designer, fashion offers personal expression, social interaction and communities. Building and sustaining a career as a fashion designer requires clarity of purpose supported by an underlying philosophy and effective communication and inter- personal skills. Fashion challenges designers to reconcile their ideas and aspirations with critical processes and practices that must ultimately address the human form. Central to this critical path is an appreciation CONCLUSION