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D > Deconstruction - Pg. 88

D Deconstruction The exploration of clothing structure where garments may be literally taken apart in some way and put back together unfinished, inside out or deteriorating. Fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood was a pioneer of the punk look, an early manifestation of deconstruction in fashion. The trend shows an unwillingness to conform to `regular' or accepted ways of dressing. During the early 1980s, John Galliano's collections included jackets worn upside down and inside out. Deconstructed clothes continue in contemporary designs and rely on faded, ripped or torn fabrics without finish and with frayed edges. The outfit in the image could be described as deconstructed due to the treatment of the fabric with irregular seams, lack of colour and absence of the second arm that we would expect to see. 88 see Punk 201 Gina Smith