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Development of Cellular Phone Software to Prompt Learners to Monitor and Reorganize displays it on the screen. A classroom evaluation was performed in an undergraduate course; the evalu- ation confirmed that ProBoPortable enhanced mutual awareness of the division of labor among learn- ers, who modified their own tasks by monitoring the overall status of the PBL. Using ProBoPortable increasingly fostered the sense of a learning community among the subjects. Moreover, social facilitation encouraged the learners to proceed with their own task due to the presence of others who are mutually aware of each member's status. INTRODUCTION In recent years, project-based learning (PBL) has been used extensively as a major educational method for higher education (Gijbels et al., 2005). PBL is a type of learning activity in which a learner studies along with other learners while working toward a common goal and collaborating on tasks as a group. This trend results from the fact that undergraduate students are expected to enhance their creativity and social skills before they gradu- ate and commence participating in the society. Kato and his colleagues, EDL has the following three characteristics. · Emergence of division of labor: One can interactively negotiate the border of the division of labor by taking into account what others are doing in their regions. This is called "awareness" in the context of computer support for collaborative work (CSCW). Maintenance of division of labor: One can continue coordinating the division of labor ·