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Chapter 19: Deploying Context-Aware Heal... > Acknowledgments - Pg. 499

References 499 how can the end user provide whatever models or training data the system requires to bootstrap itself? Once the system is working, how can the user adjust its perfor- mance without requiring any outside expertise? We encourage developers of the next generation of ubiquitous-computing home health technologies to adopt a user-centric versus an algorithmic perspective and to take up the challenge of creat- ing systems designed for real-world deployment. A cynic might argue that there is no way to achieve these goals, that it is not pos- sible to produce home health technologies that rely on sophisticated, automatic con- text detection but which a nontechnical layperson can install, train, and maintain. Can we make such a technology so easy to master, so user-centric, that someone who is not technically inclined can benefit from it? If we cannot, we may still develop intellectually interesting context detection systems usable by a small per- centage of the population, but perhaps we will have solved the wrong problem. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This work was funded, in part, by National Science Foundation grant #0313065,