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Chapter 10. Configuration Files > Configuration Backup via CLI - Pg. 320

320 Email Security with Cisco IronPort you need to include that entire hierarchy, including all incoming and outgoing mail policy settings and all incoming and outgoing content filters. Automating Configuration File Backup Good ESA management practices include keeping recent backups of all of your appli- ance configurations to enable appliance replacement or roll back configuration changes. In many environments, asking the administrators to follow backup best practices simply isn't enough, and you must have an automated backup facility. You must have an external system capable of running CLI commands or connecting to the WUI to back up the configuration on a regular schedule, as the ESA has no capabili- ties for running commands at arbitrary times. Automatic configuration history is recorded when changes are committed if you enabled a Configuration History log subscription, but as discussed in Chapter 6, "Additional Management Services," restoring a configuration from an exported file is much easier than from the log subscription. The simplest means of regularly exporting the configuration is to use an external SSH or Telnet client to connect to the ESA and issue the mailconfig CLI command to have the ESA send the configuration file as an attachment to a specified email address: