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Chapter 4. Installing Exchange 2000 Serv... > Recovering After a Failed Installati... - Pg. 55

Chapter 4: Installing Exchange 2000 Server 55 After you have a full backup of the system, you have completed the Exchange 2000 installation. Congratulations! You can let the cat back in now (assuming it hasn't got back in by itself). Recovering After a Failed Installation This section helps describe the steps you can take if the installation process does not go entirely according to plan. Having said this, if you have carried out the pre-installation steps correctly, the Exchange 2000 installation very rarely fails. What You Will Need Before you do this you need to have the following items: N Preferred Windows 2000 Server backup software N Last server backup before the Exchange 2000 installation failed N Documented server recovery procedure N Documented Windows 2000 recovery procedure N Account name and password that has permissions to restore the server N A fresh pot of very strong coffee Recovery Procedure If your Exchange 2000 installation fails, you should not have to perform any magic on Active Directory, but you may have to restore the applications that were previously installed on the server. This is necessary only if this server was previously installed and operational before the installation attempt. If this server was built expressly for Exchange 2000, you can either remove it from your organization, or attempt the installation again after correcting the error conditions you find documented in the installation log. You can find this log in the root of the C: drive under filename, "Exchange Server Setup Progress.log." To restore a previously operational server, use your standard backup software and the backup you made immediately before attempting your Exchange 2000 installation (you did make one, didn't you? No? Oh dear...). Using your documented server recovery proce- dures, recover the server to the point immediately before the installation attempt. You may also need to recover the server to the Windows 2000 level, depending on the application you are running. Related Topics For more information, refer to the backup and restore documentation in your Windows 2000, Exchange 5.5, and Exchange 2000 product documentation.