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Renewable Energy Scenario of Pakistan for Sustainable Development survey. The learning made from the pilot field study and factors identified through survey are then linked with the literacy, education system, renewable energy, and science and technology policies of Pakistan to sketch RE-based scenarios of Pakistan for sustainable development. Finally, the chapter ends by providing the solutions and recommendations to enhance the role of RE to- wards sustainable development and also provides the future research directions in order to extract further in-depth information regarding Pakistan's status of RE-based sustainable development. BACKGROUND The idea and original inspiration of this research comes from the Chinese model, which utilized communities' potential for economic develop- ment 3 . However, the Chinese model is based on tive and political units such as Unions / District Councils to promote economic development and welfare of people at the grass root level of the country. Fortunately, Pakistan is blessed with enormous different types of natural resources and generally with a reasonably good quality of human resources, which are available everywhere. It is therefore believed that the micro techno-economic development approach will be suited for the fast economic development of Pakistan in the prevalent circumstances, if RETs are utilized intelligently. The chapter, therefore, studies the dynamics of this approach. This research will investigate similar models used by other researchers and will choose the nearest and most appropriate one to draw the RE scenario of Pakistan for sustainable development. To achieve this task, Pakistan's already available science and technology (S&T) system and its other prevalent conditions, such as its education system and literacy levels, will