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ACCEPTANCE TESTS ACCEPTABLE WELD A weld that meets all the requirements and the acceptance criteria prescribed by the welding specifications. ACCEPTANCE (1) The act of an authorized representative of the Government by which the Government assumes for itself, or as an agent of another, ownership of existing and identified supplies ten- dered, or approves specific services rendered, as partial or complete performance of the contract on the part of the contractor. (2) Acknowledgment that a product or data conforms to contract con- tent and quality requirements. Acceptance may occur before, at, or after delivery. Upon acceptance, customer assumes ownership. ACCEPTANCE ANGLE In fiber optics, half the vertex angle of that cone within which optical power may be coupled into bound modes of an optical fiber. Note: power may be coupled into leaky modes and angles exceeding the acceptance angle. ACCEPTANCE CONE In fiber optics, that cone within which optical power may be coupled into the bound modes of an optical fiber. The acceptance cone is derived by rotating the acceptance angle (the maximum angle within which light will be coupled into a bound mode) about the fiber axis. ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA The quality provisions, including inspection and test requirements, that establish the acceptability of an item. It may range from testing the item in its use environment, to verification of electrical/mechanical characteristics, to a simple visual inspection. Criteria that a set of software must satisfy in con- formance with deliver requirements. Software delivered for interim operations with discrepant items is said to be accepted with "liens." ACCEPTANCE NUMBER The maximum number of defects or defective units in the sample that will permit acceptance of the inspection lot or batch. ACCEPTANCE TESTING Testing to verify acceptance criteria for program certification. This is a self-defining term utilized in software and/or hardware producing contracts. The products pass/ fail criteria are predetermined. Failure to meet the standard of the criteria causes rejection of the product. ACCEPTANCE TESTS (1) Those test deemed necessary to deter- mine acceptability of boards and as agreed to by purchaser and ven- dor. (2) The required formal tests conducted to demonstrate acceptability of an item for delivery. They are intended to demon- strate performance to specification requirements and to act as qual- ity control screens to detect deficiencies of workmanship, material, 5