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ADMINISTRATIVE CONTROL NUMBER ADDRESSABLE VERTICAL POSITIONS (1) In micrograph- ics, the number of positions, within a specified film frame, at which a horizontal line can be placed. (2) In computer graphics, the num- ber of positions within a specified raster at which a full-length hor- izontal line can be placed. ADDRESS FIELD The portion of a message header that contains the destination address for the signal and the source of the signal. Note: in a communication network, the generally transmitted signal format contains a header, the data, and a trailer. ADDRESS MESSAGE SEQUENCING In common-channel sig- naling, a procedure for ensuring that addressed messages are pro- cessed in the correct order when the order in which they are received is incorrect. ADDRESS PATTERN A prescribed structure of data used to repre- sent the destinations of a block, message, packet, or other formal- ized data structure. ADHESION The state in which two surfaces are held together at an interface by forces or interlocking action or both.