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CELLULOSE ACETATE the nonreversible conditions resulting when a corrosion current flows. CATION An ion having a positive charge that is attracted to the cathode (opposite of anion). CAUL PLATES Smooth metal plates, free of surface defects, the same size and shape as a composite lay-up, used immediately in contact with the lay-up during the curing process to transmit nor- mal pressure and to provide a smooth surface on the finished lami- nate. CAUSE AND EFFECT DIAGRAM A simple tool for individual or group problem-solving that uses a graphic description of the var- ious process elements to analyze potential sources of process vari- ation. Also called fishbone diagram (after its appearance) or Ishikawa diagram (after its developer). CAUSTIC EMBRITTLEMENT A form of stress-corrosion cracking occurring in steel exposed to alkaline solutions. CAUTION SIGNAL A signal that alerts the operator to an impend-