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CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION ANALYSIS CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION TECHNIQUE In optical fiber manufacturing, a process in which deposits are produced by heterogeneous gas-solid and gas-liquid chemical reactions at the surface of a substrate. Note: this method is often used in fabricating optical fiber preforms by causing gaseous materials to react and deposit glass oxides. The preform may be processed further in prep- aration for pulling into an optical fiber. CHEMICAL WARFARE AGENT A chemical agent in a solid, liquid, or gas that produces lethal or damaging effects on man, ani- mals, plants, or materials, or negatively affects their performance. CHUFFING The irregular or intermittent burning of propellants in a liquid rocket engine that creates a low-frequency pressure oscilla- tion parallel to the thrust axis and sometimes produces an irregular puffing noise. Also called chugging, combustion resonance, or pogo effect. CIPHER Any cryptographic system in which arbitrary symbols or groups of symbols represent units of plain text of regular length, usually single letters, or in which units of plain text are rearranged,